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The IRS can impose strict penalties if you fail to pay your taxes. If you owe back taxes, let our experienced staff of professional, dedicated tax specialists help you file your back taxes and work with you to pay delinquent taxes while helping you to avoid the many perils and pitfalls of the filing process.

The locally owned and operated financial team at RESTORATION TAX CONSULTANTS, INC. will bring over 20 years of experience to the table to ensure that your Federal, State, and Property taxes are properly filed!


Don't wait for your state government or the IRS to begin pursuing you for back taxes - get out of tax trouble today with help from the professional tax team at RESTORATION TAX CONSULTANTS, INC.!

Expert assistance for every facet of back taxes

"I have been with RESTORATION TAX CONSULTANTS, INC and its affiliates. for more than 18 years. I have great trust in them and am confident that I will have the best work done for me!"

- Leonie A. Laird, Pastor & Business Owner