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Get to know the friendly, courteous staff at RESTORATION TAX CONSULTANTS, INC.! These experienced, dedicated tax professionals will get you results thanks to over 20 years of industry experience! All of our team members hold degrees in their preferred field, including our Chief Executive Officer who is a former CPA with an MBA!

Franzine Mangar-Lindsey

Client Service Representative


“I have never worked for a company that builds a relationship with every single client. From the minute our clients enter until they leave, we ensure that they are satisfied 100%.”

"Kayla Paul-Lindsey and the staff of RESTORATION TAX CONSULTANTS, INC. build confidence and create an atmosphere of comfort - a true client relationship."

- Denise Eley, Loving Healthcare Inc.

Tony G. Lindsey Sr

President / Chief Executive Office


“Our clients benefit from our team approach.  At Restoration Tax Consultants, we strongly believe that no one person can be an expert at everything, so working together as a team allows us to best serve our clients.  This collaborative environment and business approach also allows me to benefit from my colleagues’ knowledge, which enables me to identify more tax savings opportunities for clients to take advantage of.”

Kayla Paul-Lindsey, BA, MBA



“To me, being a tax consultant is one of the most rewarding jobs I could have. Every day, I guide my clients through the virtual maze of confusing tax laws, deadlines, and IRS procedures to ensure they are protected and feel secure. It’s very fulfilling knowing that I’m educating and informing – and in fact, most are very eager to learn what I have to teach them. But mostly, I’m grateful that I can provide my clients with the tools they need to succeed and lift the burden and stress of tax issues.”

Chinedu Anazia-Moye, MPA

Senior Financial Analyst


“It’s a great feeling when I hear my clients tell me ‘CheeChee, this is the first time I’ve slept through the entire night in a long, long time.’ Listening to comments like this makes me realize everyday that I’m truly making a difference in someone else’s life.”

Jana Williams



“I am in the process of obtaining my Master of Business Administration and have been blessed with the opportunity to join such a professional team of experts in Accounting and Taxation. I have learned so much during my internship and look forward to joining the staff of Restoration Tax Consultants, Inc. on a permanent basis upon successful completion of the CPA Exam”

Kayla Tony Fran Chinedu Jana Chinedu

Angela Brown

Accounts Manager


"As new tax laws are being implemented, dealing with the day to day financials of a business and tax issues can be confusing, complicated and overwhelming. Whether it is personal or business, it gives me joy to be a part of a team that is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping resolve those issues for our clients. The greatest reward is witnessing clients restored to a peace of mind and able to move forward with confidence."