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Don't let poorly prepared taxes come back to haunt you

If your taxes have significant gaps or inaccuracies, you could have to go through the long, arduous process of an audit. But with help from the tax professionals at RESTORATION TAX CONSULTANTS, INC., you'll get expert help preparing and filing your taxes from a team with over 20 years experience!


From personal taxes to corporate and payroll tax preparation, turn to our team for total tax prep help!

You can also find tax preparation help from our team for more specialized filings, such as assistance for Schedule-C taxes for self-employed clients and K1 tax preparation for business owners.


At RESTORATION TAX CONSULTANTS, INC., we provide thorough, detailed work, competitive rates, and friendly, courteous tax specialists!

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" The staff of RESTORATION TAX CONSULTANTS, INC. examined and thoroughly explained each entry as they reviewed the information that I brought to them."

- George Cavett